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We bring hope to you.  Carole Employment Recruiting Agency was established with you in mind. We alleviate the stress of you spending so much time sending resumes and waiting for a call. Let us do the work for you, and trust that we will make you more marketable.

We  offer to our Job Seekers a wonderful package.

Start planning for the future.

We offer a great compensation package to Employers

Having worked and trained individuals in the art of effective customer relations, I bring a wealth of knowledge on how to get a job.  I created this business – Carole Employment Recruiting Agency --  to make a difference after the many job losses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this business is to get you back on your feet by creating or updating your resume and sending them to partnering employers.  This will ultimately reduce the stress of having to send to hundreds of companies.

I am devoting my time to ensure that you, my clients, receive at least 1 to 5 interviews and prepare you for the interviews; then, it is up to you to shine and land the job. 

We Are Professionals

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